Glow Night Cream

Glow Night Cream

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Incorporating ancient beauty potions recipes from the Orient, our Glow Night Cream is hand-crafted in Antalya from traditional organic oils and locally grown plant extracts. Firming, tightening, moisturizing and nourishing, this magic Night Formula will rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and decollete, resulting in youthful radiance and glow.
Free of chemicals, preservatives, perfumes and dyes, it's the most natural facial treatment.

Shea oil- contains vitamins A, E and F. It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and evens out the skin tone. Pure Shea oil composition means you can use it without any manipulation to moisturize your face.

Collagen Type 1- increase elasticity of the skin, thus minimizing wrinkles

Collagen Type 3- Supports circulation and elasticity in skin

Hyaluronic Acid- instantly hydrates, visibly plumps skin & fights wrinkles. Reduces wrinkles for younger looking and plump skin

Blue Anemone Flower- helps decreasing deep wrinkles on the skin and softening it. Deeply moisturizes the skin as well as removes the loss of elasticity and provides tightening of the skin.

Fig seed oil- High Omega 3 fatty acids in figs keep the skin well- moisturized and conditioned. Furthermore, the antioxidant will protect the skin against free radicals. Fig oil makes the skin soft and supple and also has an anti-aging effect.